Historic Bristol Day

Historic Bristol Day is a few weeks away. It takes place on Saturday, October 21st this year.

If you’ve been watching Small Business Revolution, or have heard that Calm Waters Coffee Roasters celebrated two years on Mill Street this summer and still haven’t stopped by, Historic Bristol Day is a festive way to get a taste of what’s been happening in Bristol Borough.

There are many places to enjoy lunch, and you can get a look at the new docks at the wharf, and of course, the unparalleled view of the Delaware River, Burlington Island, and our lovely neighbor, Burlington, NJ across the way.

Activities to include:
  • The Gazela (tall ship built in 1883) will be docked for tours
  • Walking Tours departing from Radcliffe and Market Street
  • Art Displays
  • Crafters and Vendors
  • Sailboat Regatta at 1PM

Post-Work Yoga

Follow Through Fridays at Calm Waters Coffee Roasters are scheduled every week from 9AM-11AM. When I’m really in the zone, I linger awhile longer. But sometimes, I pack up a few minutes early and walk around the corner to Open Center Yoga where Lorean offers $5 Friday Morning Yoga from 11AM-12:15PM.

There are plenty of other classes at different times, but there is something particularly awesome about working and socializing for a couple of hours, then going to get centered.

Sometimes, it helps me let go of a problem I’m spinning my wheels on, other times it brings the “Ah-ha!” moment I’ve been searching for. Give it a try. It’s just one of the many things you can build into your day when you come to cowork with Little City Co in Bristol Borough.

Tabletop Game Night

Playing tabletop games

Second Saturdays at CWCR

When you craft your own schedule and best practices related to work-life balance, it can be difficult to prioritize recharging your batteries. Reading for pleasure, doing puzzles, sketching, coloring, playing games… all of these things help refill your tank. Finding recurring events you enjoy can help. Enter Tabletop Game Night!

Every second Saturday of the month, Calm Waters Coffee Roasters hosts Tabletop Game Night from 7PM-10PM. Sometimes there are suggested themes to help get the ball rolling. Past themes have included:

  • Traditional-Deck Card Games
  • Classic Board Games
  • Cooperative Games
  • Intro to RPGs

But they’re always gentle suggestions. You can bring and play whatever game you like, or choose from the maaaaany games brought by our merry band. Take a look at our photos to get a sense of what game night is like, but by all means come out to play!


Saturdays are often roasting nights. Enjoy the delectable roasting-coffee-beans aroma while playing games with old friends, and meeting new ones (and new games!). Bonus: Roastmaster Jodi is always happy to answer questions about the roasting process.

Thank you, Cornerstones Bookstore.

It is with heavy heart that we say goodbye to Cornerstones Bookstore. Cornerstones was Bristol Borough’s first independent, woman-owned bookstore and it was awesome. A lovely space, a lovingly-curated collection of books and gifts, a friendly house-dog, and welcoming atmosphere. All of their stock is 60% off as things wind down. Please visit, pick up some gifts for yourself and others, and let Tina, Lucy and Risa know how much they will be missed.

As for Little City Co—we will always be grateful to Tina for being a host site for us as we get our sea legs. Your kindness will always be a part of our story.

Got a Grocery List?

Produce at Selecto Supermarket in Bristol, PA

You’ve finished up a particularly tedious phase of a project, you’re heading home, and looking forward to making something for dinner. But what to make? We’ve got a lot of foodies in our network — you can always get a recipe recommendation at a Little City Co Meetup! Why not pick up your grocery list right here in town before your journey home?

Selecto Supermarket
8AM-8PM Monday through Friday
8AM-6PM Saturday
8AM-5PM Sunday

Bristol Amish Market
9AM-6PM Thursday
9AM-7PM Friday
8AM-4PM Saturday